The World - Ashen Temple

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Located a short way upriver from the only safe port on the island of Calidis, the Ashen Temple has been the subject of excavations for more than five decades. The external monument itself is impressive, a temple carved from the island's dark gray stones and decorated with fine carvings of plants and animals of the island, perched atop a mound of earth. However, the true beauty of the building lies deep underground, in several stories of complex corridors and underground chambers used for a variety of purposes by the former inhabitants of the island. Less than half of the temple has been fully explored, and today most efforts revolve around mapping and preserving it. Creeping vines are regularly removed from around the base of the temple, and collapsed or damaged chambers are recorded in painstaking detail before specialists start to restore them. Little is known about the people who built the temple, though it was likely used for over a thousand years and built gradually over that time. The carvings on the walls contain runes and symbols doused in the island's magic, and some archaeologists suspect that the people of Calidis lived in a way similar to the magi of the Keep.