The World - Calidis

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  • There are no legends of Calidis.
The island of Calidis has long remained isolated from the rest of the west by its sheer cliffs and unforgiving reefs. Nevertheless, when explorers from Alveus found a small inlet and landed upon the shore, they were surprised to find traces of an earlier civilization lingering around the island. The most impressive of these was a ruined structure slightly south from the center of the island which would later be called the Ashen Temple. Named Ashen for the gray stones from which it was cut and the dark soil of the land, the temple is now the site of constant archaeological excavations. People travel from across the lands just to have the chance of discovering something new, and the main site always has a few academics brushing their way through broken pots and old tools. There are deep catacombs located further down which are less-explored and draw in thieves hoping to smuggle something of value away. The difficulty of reaching the island safely deters all but the most persistent burglars, though, and the island remains uninhabited apart from the excavators.
      One of the most unusual features of the island is how magical creatures seem to respond when they go near it. Few magi have traveled to Calidis, but those who have often notice their companions becoming restless once it is within sight. Magical creatures will vanish into the forest for days at a time, and when they do return, they seem to have changed personalities. Once friendly creatures turn skittish and aloof, while even the bitterest Arkenian Sunbeast may come back as docile as a winged kitten. Wild dragons and birds migrate annually to Calidis, drawn by its warmth and magic, and the island's volcano is claimed among many western cultures as the birthplace of the phoenix. The visiting animals seem to revert to their normal selves when away from the island, but several magi have reported a strange "knowing" look to their creatures thereafter.