The World - Ageti

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  • There are no legends of Ageti.
Near the bend of the Great Tagg river, where the water flows fastest, sits the largest city in the region, the city of Ageti. Buildings are hewn from the spongy wood of nearby trees, allowing them to absorb the worst of the floodwaters should the river overflow. Wealthier people live farther from the river's banks, while the poor live in the flood-prone areas. The distribution of wealth is always in flux, though, since the number one method of making a living is through exploration and trade.
      The location of Ageti on the water and its proximity to the great marshes of the Taggelisk make it poised to be a haven for merchants of every sort of good. Barges full of wheat and food from the more arable lands to the west and north are constantly docked at the harbor, and they trade the food for oddities found in the marshes of Taggelisk. These goods are improved further by the craftsmen within the city. Despite the dangers in traveling too far, expeditions are sent constantly to forage for rare fruits, metals, bark from the local trees, fibers that can be woven from reeds, and even eggs from creatures within the depths of the marsh. Merchants from around the world come to sell and trade here, and the streets of the city are constantly full of people selling their wares or crafting services. It is said that anything can be found or made in Ageti. The poorer members of the city make brave journeys deeper into the marsh into areas uncontrolled by the wealthy, and more than a few have struck upon sudden wealth when they return with something valuable. Even more than that, though, have simply disappeared.