The World - Xoctol-Hon

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The vast underground settlement of Xoctol-Hon was formed some time ago when two different societies, the arboreal dwelling Xoctol and the river-dwelling Hon, began collaborating and integrated into one single society.
      The Xoctol were the first of the two peoples to go underground during the Magewars, as the little remaining habitable land was slowly being cleared away for wood supplies and food during the calamity. The Hon soon followed when further battles brought about fires, floods, and earthquakes, rendering their previous community unfit for human occupation.
      The underground network of caverns had already existed for centuries, but the refugees and their creatures were able to alter the environment to suit their needs, even in the initial chaos of first moving to the new sanctuary. The Xoctol carefully crafted gardens and greenery to be strategically grown in open-area cenotes and grottoes while the Hon traversed and mapped waterway caverns, which still serve as a major source of food and water, although as the land above gradually recovered from the devastating wars, the wary new settlement did begin to send out occasional scouting and hunting parties to supplement their fare.
      The two societies found great benefits to cooperating with one another, especially in the early tenuous years, and soon came together as one new culture. It was not long before whole cities were grafted and grown from roots, vines and cavern stones. They remained cautious of the surface and have not expanded back to that realm, keeping alive stories of uncertain escape and overwhelming dangers from before the founding of Xoctol-Hon.