The World - Mountains of Me'chuan

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West of Voltar stand the mountains of Me'chuan, which mark the beginning of Tetzcotal. The sides of the mountains are covered with dense forests of Silverleaf trees. The large, broad spread of the leaves are a vibrant green on top and a delicate silver underneath, and when the winds blow strongly, the leaves are tossed about until the silver undersides are topmost. When persistent strong winds flip large swathes of the leaves, the color change is visible from quite a distance, and locals use this as an advance storm warning. Seasonal winds from the surrounding ocean bring down mostly gentle rains when they reach the mountains, and this is generally not enough to change the comforting green of a calm Silverleaf forest, but periodically strong ocean storms will blow up along the coast. When this happens, the sides of the mountains turn silver, and the advance warning is invaluable. The general warmth and humidity of the region contributes to the lush green rainforest known as the Ixan Jungle.