The World - Alasre Mountains

  • Legends
The Alasre Mountains run below Arkene, and all the way to Voltar. Because of the length they run, they range in climate between mild and frigid. For the most part, these steep terrains are rocky and dangerous, a difficult place to survive in. No humans reside here other than nomads passing through or the occasional bandit.
      Full of caves for an adventurer to explore, wild dragons reside here, as well as ibexes, who are well suited to the terrain. Dragons survive here by leaving to forage and plunder more fertile lands, while ibexes graze on what grasses and shrubs they can find. The land is empty and barren, and the view is astounding; a person can see for miles and miles, all the way to Voltar on a cloudless day.
      There is also a beautiful, hidden glacial lake, hard to reach due to the eroded passes a magi must travel. Crystal clear and icy, the only visible creature residing in it are a few fish, a dull color nothing like the koi. If a magi wishes to find an egg here, they must be patient, find a cave, and wait a long while to determine a dragon's living habits. While a dragon is gone for a long amount of time, an adventurer can duck inside their cave. This is a time consuming and arduous process, and sometimes fruitless if the dragon the magi is watching has no eggs. Only the most knowledgeable magis dare to hunt for dragon eggs, because if a dragon returns while their lair is being invaded, the consequences can be nasty.
      Dragon eggs, when found, are extremely rare and are never put in The Stream. They are available for a high price, and young magis should never dare to go into the Alasre Mountains without an older guide - loose rock can be dangerous, and a disturbed dragon is no laughing matter.