The World - Ixan Jungle

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The Ixan Jungle is sometimes called the Razan jungle of the West. As with any rainforest, there are numerous storms daily, creating a very lush and suitable environment for insects and birds. Travelers find the environment undesirably humid and hot, but the trees thrive here. Growing over 90 meters tall, these enormous layered trees are an ecosystem within an ecosystem.
      The Ixan Jungle is littered with remnants of ancient cities, some even in trees, many larger than the Keep with vast networks of root caverns. Few have studied these areas due to the dangerous environment and difficulty of traversing the jungle without getting lost. It's still undetermined if ancient societies exist within these cities.
      Moving North the Ixan Jungle gradually gives way to scarcer lands where the trees don't grow as tall and the undergrowth turns to wet mushy marshland and morass.