The World - Turrill

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  • There are no legends of Turrill.
There are many trading ports along the southeastern edge of Foenara, where it is nearest to the mainland, but the main civic center is the city of Turril, located on the southern end of the island. While most of the towns on Foenara are agrarian and cultivate various grains and root vegetables, Turril gains most of its wealth from trade with the mainland. Traders must reach Turril by caravan, for it is not close to any port and lies just on the edge of the Grass Forest. The effort is well worth it, though, for Turril supplies much of the western world’s crops and seeds, and the people of the city are well-known for their remarkable cooking skills. Food preparation is an art form in Turril, and travelers often go out of their way just to find new dishes and recipes to bring back home. The city itself is built upon raised platforms that seem to float upon the sea of elephant grass at the edge of the Forest. All of the houses are connected by bridges or raised paths, giving the inhabitants beautiful views of the savanna, and occasionally creatures wandering about underneath their feet.