The World - Somni

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  • There are no legends of Somni.
Somni is the largest village in the Archipelago. Although the huts are of relatively simple construction with thatched roofs and simple wooden walls, the village itself is complex. Only about half of the village is grounded on land at any time, with the rest of it floating on the ocean, the two halves connected by extensive and maze-like wooden walkways. The dwellings on the ocean float on rafts which are also connected to the walkways. Although these are more prone to storm damage, they are easily rebuilt, so the villagers see no reason to do away with the ocean-bound half of their village.
      The villagers are skilled jewellers, specializing in beads made of bones, shells, and polished stones which may also be carved and sometimes painted. Most often they are made for friends and relatives and are a rarity among non-Qaitu folk.