The World - Tower of Triathe

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Triathe is a city full of scholars, and while magi are rare and distrusted, the study of the history of magic isn't. Every scrap of history that has ever been recorded can be found among the scholars of Triathe, and the Tower is where it is all kept. Legends, stories, and songs are also housed there, and every day and night the floors of the tower are filled with students and professors arguing the validity of various theories and interpretations of historical events.
      Triathe is also home to a group of inventors, who focus on developing new technologies. Every year they hold a fair to design new and more efficient boats, fishing trawls, pumping equipment, wind mills, and netting to aid the local fishermen and farmers. Year round, architects also design and repair buildings in the city, and the arched bridge that leads to the tower of Triathe was designed by architects among the inventors in the atrium.