The World - Caves of Nareau

Deep underground, the light of a magical flame reveals walls glistening with crystals. Clear quartz fuses into rock, glittering under flame. Indigo jasper and amethyst seem to grow out of the rough stone walls. Occasionally a magi finds a broken gem on the ground to take back to The Keep. Geodes can be found as well, seemingly bland round rocks. Brought back to The Keep, the younglings love to crack them open and reveal the shiny interiors.
      The farther a traveler explores, the more twisted and difficult the paths becomes. It's easy to become entranced by the beauty of the caves and lose track of the maze-like route an explorer has taken. No one knows how far these caves continue, and only a few entrances are known. Since time is impossible to gauge underground with no light, a magi often brings along a candle and measure out hours on it. Spending more than several hours is inadvisable; the bright colors and reflections become dizzying and disorienting.
      Far, far underground, crystalwings reside, blending in perfectly with their surroundings. Their eggs, brilliant gold and purple, are difficult to see against their surroundings. If an explorer goes looking for these creatures, it is best to bring along a lengthy scroll to create a map, so as not to become lost in these endless caverns. These jewel-like eggs are hard to find, and are usually sold at a high price due to the effort it takes to obtain one.
      Stumbling out of the caverns, a magi often must sit completely still until the confusion passes. Some tunnels are all mirror-like rock, creating endless parodies of a magi. These journeys are often disconcerting and bring on blinding headaches, but can be very profitable, if a traveler has stuffed his pockets and bags full of rare gems.