Magistream Monthly Newsletter - June 2024

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Magistream Monthly Newsletter - June 2024

Post by Rosehill »

The Magistream Newsletter contains information on what we're currently working on and planning, what technical issues have been fixed and are being worked on, as well as information of upcoming events or happenings in the near future. We'll also gladly hear if you have other topics you'd like to be included in upcoming newsletters! Feel free to discuss these ideas in this very same thread. ^.^

New features and happenings since the last Newsletter in April:
  • Black Market returned (April 20th - April 27th)
  • A regular release, the Sapphire Wyvern (April 27th)
  • May Monthly Donation Pets, the Plumed Crystalwings (May 1st)
  • The Shimmering Shop stock changed to past May Donation Creatures (May 1st)
  • The 1500th creature was released, Diamond Koi (May 10th)
  • New crystalwings, the Selenic and Helian and their eclipse counterparts (May 13th)
  • May Midmonth Donation Pet, Crystal Gobbler (May 15th)
  • The Blue, Green, and Bronze Plumed Crystalwings were released (May 18th)
  • June Monthly Donation Pets, Stadsolifants, were released (June 1st)
  • The Shimmering Shop stock changed to past June Donation Creatures (June 1st)
  • A regular release, the Mohis (June 8th)
  • June Midmonth Donation Pet, Temple Ghazal (June 15th)
Upcoming events and happenings:
  • A regular release (late June)
  • July Monthly Donation Pets (July 1st)
  • The Shimmering Shop stock changes to past July Donation Creatures (July 1st)
  • A regular release (early July)
  • July Midmonth Donation Pet (July 15th)
  • A regular release (late July)
  • There will not be a Newsletter on July due to the team taking a bit of a summer breather. The Newsletter will return again in August.
  • August Monthly Donation Pets (August 1st)
  • The Shimmering Shop stock changes to past August Donation Creatures (August 1st)
  • Something returns (August 1st)
  • A regular release (early August)
  • Black Market will return (early August)
  • August Midmonth Donation Pet (August 15th)
  • August Newsletter (around August 18th)
Game things being actively worked on:
  • We're currently taking a little bit of a summer breather, and will return on actively working on the site features again in August.
Team discussion/planning has been revolving around:
  • Pygmies
  • A feature to be released in august
Technical things that have been fixed:
  • Small issues here and there
  • An adjustment to bots and crawlers so that they'll take up less resources on the site, this should help with some lag issues
Technical fixes being worked on:
A reminder that known bigger issues are listed in the Report Site Errors thread's first post. They are now also put approximately in order of which fixes will be worked on first.
  • Investigating trade issues where sometimes the pets aren't transferred even though a trade gets completed
  • Investigating an issue with gifting
  • Investigating some issues with donation system
  • Optimizing central parts of the site's code. Once this is done it should help make things load faster and also allow for using items, embedding multiple, and adding creatures to trades from other than the main tab.
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