Site downtime starts TOMORROW (July 10th)

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Site downtime starts TOMORROW (July 10th)

Post by Rosehill »

As described on an earlier Site News post: ... ly-th.html Magistream will start a longer maintenance period tomorrow July 10th. The site will not go down right at the midnight mark, but we'll be entering maintenance mode somewhere around 1AM-3AM EDT.

During the maintenance we'll be updating every server side thing related to running Magistream, as well as the forum software. Updating the forum software may bring about changes to how things look and operate on the discussion boards. It may also cause your custom profile css to not work after the maintenance, and it may also cause some other yet unforseen weirdness or changes on the forum. During the maintenance we'll also be doing some cleaning up on the forums, like removing spam accounts etc.

Rest assured that before we do any of the maintenance and changes, everything will be properly backed up, so in the unlikely case that the updates can't be made, we can always revert back to the site as it is now and look for new alternatives.

July monthly donis, as well as June Midmonth doni will have extended stay on the Donation shop, so they'll still be available after the maintenance. There will not be a July Midmonth donation pet, but we're hoping to have the site back up by the beginning of August, and with August Donation pets naturally available.

During the maintenance we will post status updates on Magistream's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The contest ... ntime.html for during the down time will also launch tomorrow, and we'll be posting the contest details on Facebook, and a shortened version on Twitter, as well, so that the rules are available during the downtime.

Wish us luck, and hope to see you all again by the start of August! <3

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