Contest during site downtime

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Contest during site downtime

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Greetings everyone,

While the site is down, we're going to hold a summertime contest. I know it's a bit strange to hold a contest while the main site is down, but we hope it will give everyone a chance to stay involved while the site is being upgraded while also getting the chance to win some neat prizes!

There will be two contests. You can enter either one or both! However, you can only win prizes from one contest, even if you enter both!

Magistream staff may enter contests for fun, but will not be eligible for prizes.

Contest #1: Design a magistream creature
Contest #2: Celebrate the world of magistream

What we're looking for in entries for #1:

This can be a design of a creature in any form. Want to write a description? Draw it? Make a model out of string cheese? Anything goes. Requirements include a name and a basic description of a few sentences at minimum, and more is appreciated if you don't supply a visual element. If you have artistic skill in some form, feel free to draw or design your creature.

The winner will receive 10 shards. Two runner ups will receive 5 shards.

What we're looking for in entries for #2:

Any sort of celebration of the MS world or its creatures. The prompt is "a festival in the world of magistream". This can be fanfic or fanart in any form. Want to write a story about a holiday in MS? Want to paint a scene of a birthday party in the MS world? Want to make a statue honoring the crystalwings, or any MS creature you fancy? Go for it.

The winner will receive 10 shards. Two runner ups will receive 5 shards.

How to enter

While the site is down, there will be multiple ways to enter. Feel free to use whichever method is most comfortable for you.

Option 1: Twitter, using the hashtag #Magistreamcontest

Option 2: Facebook, in reply to the contest announcements

Option 3: Discord. Karzarill has graciously allowed us to use the discord for this contest. The discord will have a channel for contest entries, as well as a channel for contest discussion that staff of the site will check. The link is here:

Option 4: On the site. Once upgrades are completed, you can also enter on the site for any late entries or if you don't feel comfortable entering via a third party site.

Feel free to discuss the contest on the site as well while it is up!


The contest will begin on July 10th. It will end one month later, on August 10th. If the site upgrades take longer than planned, this deadline may be extended.

Judging will be completed approximately one month after the deadline.

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