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Elder Phoenixes

Legends of the adventures

Elder Phoenixes (Ashen Temple)

<ou approach the illuminated chamber, phoenix eggs casting flickering shadows all about the floor and ceiling. The elder phoenix statue in the center of the room seems to stare at you with its blue diamond eyes, mouth open to receive an offering.
      The mouth is just large enough to put an Ashen Feather into, and the nest in front of the statue seems to invite an adult phoenix to lay on it.
You need an Ashen Feather in your Inventory, and an adult unnamed, unlineaged phoenix in the main section of your Keep in order to turn your phoenix into an elder.
You drop an Ashen Feather into the statue's mouth, and it begins to glow with an inner fire that soon engulfs your phoenix, and you have to avert your eyes.
      Once the glow simmers down you turn to look at your companion, it's appearance now greatly altered.