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Old Tome

Legends of the adventures

Old Tome: Magical Mysterious Thingthings (The Keep)

<utside the great windows, clouds scud across a blue sky. Frost rims the windowpanes, and you scoot your chair closer to the roaring fire, which masks the quiet conversations or ruffling pages as students and teachers enjoy the warmth of the library. The scent of dust mixed with cinnamon seeping through the floors from the kitchens is hypnotic, and your eyes feel heavy.
      The peace is interrupted all at once when something tiny skitters over your feet, making you sit up. A younger student rushes past you, chasing what appears to be a fleeing cookie.
      The boy crashes hard against a shelf of books, and your eyes widen as the entire shelf teeters. The boy leaps, grabbing his falling cookie with one hand, and rolls out of the way and against the wall, his eyes as round as saucers. In his hand is no cookie, but a small savis mouse hatchling.
      A heavy tome falls out of the shelf, hitting the floor with a loud thud and a plume of dust, but the shelf ceases its dangerous rocking and settles in place, the only sign of its movement a fan of dust on the floor where it turned. The boy nods at you in acknowledgement and then he and his mouse run out of the library, pursued by an angry teacher.
      Shaking your head, you move over to the shelf, picking up the fallen book. The leather encasing it is cracked in places, and the pages are brittle with age. Spidery writing catches your eye.
      Artifacts of transformation—historical mage events.
      Two hundred years ago, a dozen of the most learned mages from the Keep came together for a contest at the end of the year. The mages competed to design artifacts that would change creatures. Some artifacts merely caused aesthetic changes, but others can be used to change a creature’s magical nature. The event was an enormous success, with a limited number of artifacts designed, but the artifacts themselves, symbols of the mage’s camaraderie, have been lost over the years. Old tales tell, however, of the four winners' last known locations.
      You raise an eyebrow. The rest of the text has faded, but the book has pictures of the artifacts, along with a smudged map. Though the map is old and only shows rough locations you're quite sure that the marked locations are somewhere near Arkene, Silva Forest, Etain Desert and then south-west of that on an uncharted region that could be Tetzcotal. You’re sure you can find them if you look hard enough, especially if you take a flying creature.
You're all set to start your journey. Now all that remains is the decision where to start - Arkene, Silva Forest, Etain Desert, or Tetzcotal.
      Go to:
      Silva Forest
      Etain Desert

Old Tome: Search Arkene (Arkene)

Search Arkene for the artifact the book in the Keep's library mentioned?
You need to warm up before searching for the artifacts again. Come back tomorrow.

Old Tome: Search Silva Forest (Silva Forest)

Search Silva Forest for the artifact the book in the Keep's library mentioned?
You try to find the location again but are unsuccessful. You'd better heed the old woman's advice and come back tomorrow.

Old Tome: Search Etain Desert (Etain Desert)

Search Etain Desert for the artifact the book in the Keep's library mentioned?
The strong winds make it hard to keep searching, forcing you back. You decide to try again tomorrow.

Old Tome: Search Tetzcotal (Tetzcotal)

Search Etain Desert for the artifact the book in the Keep's library mentioned?
You close in on the pile of rocks again but the mist starts to collect around you, thicker and more menacing than before. You decide it's best to wait for a little while and come back tomorrow.