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Legends of the adventures
By: Rosehill/GlassWalker

Souvenirs: From Talyn with... Jars? (The Keep)

<ou wander into the stables and see Master Belmos frowning as he stands by a stack of sealed jars. A notice is posted to the main entrance, written in a sloppy scrawl:
      Hi everyone!<br/>     
Hope you're not too bored at the Keep! Alethin just dropped me off outside a huge city! I haven't entered the walls yet, since there's so much stuff to look at even in the forests nearby. Well, plains, really--it's really flat here! But there are a ton of lakes everywhere, and a merchant I met who was selling all kinds of weird smelly fruit said the great lake Pearlen is one of the biggest lakes in the region. Sound familiar? It should--that's the same lake that crazy guy I met by the koi pond talked about! It's real! And I guess he wasn't actually crazy.<br/>     
That's not the coolest thing, though! I found bugs! They're kinda rare, but they're super pretty! Even better--to thank everyone back at the Keep for helping me out with funding for my expeditions, I managed to get some eggs! I was really careful collecting the eggs--the adults have stingers! The merchant I talked to said the stings don't actually hurt, but there's no way I was gonna let myself get stung. But they are super cool, so I sent some back for everyone!<br/>     
Next I'm going to head into the city and explore even more! The merchant said I probably shouldn't, and should head back east or south instead, but there's no way I'm going to just turn around. I've come way too far! I'm sure Alethin would have told me if something was dangerous, right?
      You eye the mysterious jars with interest. Will you take one?
Mysterious Jar Mysterious Jar
      You pick up a jar and carefully open it to find a selection of eggs you have never seen before.