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Dark Mage Orram

People of the Keep
By: Master Belmos

A long time ago, when even Master Belmos was still a young student at the Keep, there was a magi of great renown. His name was Orram; a large, imposing man, with dark skin and black hair. He was greatly respected by the faculty and quickly obeyed by the students. A fierce hellhound always accompanied him, named Bravas by his master.
      He could be very charismatic and winning, when the situation required it. He was one of the advisers to the Archmage at that time, and his council was always valued. But he didn't like the ideas of the Archmage and subtly tried to change the direction the Keep's politics were taking. He could have tried to become Archmage himself, but he was more devious than that. He rather got more and more of his supporters into position to advise the High Archmage, so others would whispers his ideas into that one's ears.
      They would secretly meet in the caverns of the Keep, in rooms long unused, and plot their ideas. They did see magic as a tool, not a privilege. And they thought those who wield magic should be elevated above those who are not gifted with it. They considered the power they wielded as all that mattered. His plan was to put an "advisory Mage" at every kingdom; one that would influence the rulers to make the decisions he wanted them to. And more and more, the High Archmage was listening to him.
      One day, a student lost his way in the bowels of the Keep. As he tried to find his way to an area he could recognize, he came across a meeting of Orram and his fellow conspirators. As he entered the room, they didn't notice him. He recognized several of the magi present and almost called out to them, to ask for the way back. But something struck him as off and he decided to remain quiet and watch for a while. To his horror, the gathering brought in a fellow student, a young woman who had shown great talent in the magical arts. They performed powerful and forbidden magic on her mind, trying to turn her to their cause, but she proved too strong. Finally, they declared her a failure and killed her in cold blood.
      The student had seen it all and was horrified. Quietly, he sneaked out of the room and after searching for a while, finally found his way back to the inhabited parts of the Keep. He quickly went and searched for a peacekeeper. He reported what he had seen, and although the peacekeepers didn't quite believe him, a small force was sent to investigate. Alas, that group was careless. Their approach was noticed and a battle broke out. While in the end the peacekeepers prevailed, two of their number were slain and Orram himself managed to escape, alongside several of his fellows. Each of them was hunted down, one after the other, but Orram was never found.
      To this day, the search for Orram continues. While he would be ancient by now, it is not unheard of for a magi to attain that age. And if he is still alive, he is likely still plotting revenge.
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