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The Sunken Temple (Lake Lakira)

Legends of the lands
By: Morgaln

It is said, that when the first magi created Lake Lakira, he chose the place because a great temple stood there. When the Lake had been formed, the temple still stood on an island in the middle, where the Lake is deepest today. It is not known, who built the temple, or who it was built for. That information has been lost to the ages. But the tale of how it sunk beneath the surface is still told.
      When the first magi had created the keep and students started to flock to it, the other magi grew jealous of the place he had created. Setting their differences aside, they joined together. Spells were designed that forced creatures into their service, the same kinds of creatures that had befriended the peaceful magi at the keep. When they had enslaved enough of them, they set forth to lay siege to the Keep, and capture it for their own purpose. Soon, the Keep was surrounded and the magi inside and their animal friends fought hard to keep out the foe.
      One young magi was not at the Keep at that time. She had been visiting her home town and when she returned, she was spotted by the enemy. Two Gryphons were sent to capture her and her Pegasus steed. The attack caught her off guard and both she and the Pegasus were wounded. Fighting for her life in the air, she could see it in the eyes of the Gryphons that it pained them having to attack her, but that they were compelled to do so. And when she struck the death blow on both of them, tears ran from her eyes.
      Her Pegasus was severely wounded, and though it tried, it was not able to reach the Keep. It sank lower and lower, and with its final strength, it reached the island in Lake Lakira. The magi wept over the body of her friend and screamed in rage at the sky, demanding it to tell how anyone could enslave the creatures she loved so much. Suddenly, a light engulfed her from behind, and when she turned around, she saw that the doors of the temple had opened. Intrigued, she stepped through the opening.
      The magi entered into a huge chamber, that was lined with statues of all the kinds of creatures the magi had befriended , and many more. She was surrounded by a whisper, as of many voices speaking together, and a question was formed: "Will you lend us your strength, so none of us is ever enslaved again?" Loudly and joyfully, she cried her consent, and walked towards the back of the hall, where a empty bier was standing. She lay down on the cold stone and closed her eyes, losing herself in the whispering around her.
      On the battlefield, the besiegers readied themselves for a new assault, when a loud voice rang across the area. "A concord has been struck!" it boomed. "No longer will any creature serve a magi, unless from its own free will!" And the enslaved creatures were free from the charms that ensorcelled them and fell upon those that had subjugated them.
      The temple, however, closed its doors and sank beneath the surface of Lake Lakira; and it is said that as long as the magi dreams in the depths, friendship is the only bond that will hold between a magi and his creatures.