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The Helgekalla Family

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On frozen Nordic slopes where the white mountain peaks pierce the pale heavens was born a lineage of noble beasts descended from a divine ancestor.A long time ago a trickster god sank to earth,his body taken form of a pure white wolf said to be breathtaking in appearance.Upon the ice bleached landscape he was seduced by a wild,shape shifting spirit also in the guise of a mighty direwolf.It is said harsh,wintry winds roared around the snowy wasteland as a long,hale howl rose into frosty skies marking the birth of the Helgekalla pack.The family name means divine howl in old Norse tongues as a reminder of their hallowed beginnings.Most are formidable wolves,but some are born in more aberrant forms showing the fearful crossing of God and wild spirit blood.
(Parents-rare 1st gen white dires from shop dires)

Sell or give offspring away before releasing
All kin are wolves at heart but this family loves diversity
Breeding is loved but no inbreeding
Dont use as Kira


1st Generation (9)

2nd Generation (15)

3rd Generation (20)

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