of Walt Disney Family Crest

The of Walt Disney Family

Creator: Sakai
Owner: Sakai

Members: 46

Family Rules:
1.) Follow all MS-family rules
2.) Do not freeze it!
3.) Do not release it - if you don't want to have a creature of this family any longer - trade it back to me (Sakai) ^^
4.) You have to breed it with one other Antelope Hare Jackalope and give the first offspring of them to someone else - for free!
5.) Do not inbreed these creatures and do not breed it with any other lineaged creature!
6.) I'll give the first generations a name! But you can suggest a Disneyname for the offspring in your request.
6a.) Give the creature a name of a Disney-Character! (german/english/.. ones)
6b.) Do not use a name twice

Crest by Drachenschwinge, thank you so much!


1st Generation (21)

2nd Generation (8)

3rd Generation (6)

4th Generation (8)

5th Generation (1)