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The Keep Divider Family

Creator: ellysketchit
Owner: ellysketchit

Members: 94

This family was created so that you could stop using frozen eggs for Keep Dividers (to name sections and whatnot) and use creatures instead! Why not, right? After all, a creature will give you gold when clicked and is more attractive sitting in your Keep than a mess of frozen eggies ... well, sometimes, anyway. Some of those eggs are adorable. *cough*

PM me if you're interested in a member of this family.

Anything goes as long as you don't abandon (release) anything! If you want to get rid of an egg, freeze it and send it to me in a trade. If you don't want a pet anymore, please do the same. Other than that, have fun!


1st Generation (10)

2nd Generation (15)

3rd Generation (8)

4th Generation (28)

5th Generation (27)

6th Generation (2)

7th Generation (2)