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The kitsune in this lineage carry a strange and terrible virus inside them. They transmit this through their bite like the fabled werewolves of lore, their victim carrying the disease until it reaches its peak and they suffer from what appears to be a heart attack.

Gray Fox is often seen loitering about with the Ninjas in Moy Mell, although they don't like the same habitat. FOXDIE kitsune retire into the underground caverns when the sun gets too hot for them on the island. They have multiple dens under the earth and take delight in playing games with the crystalwings that live nearby, stealing their shed gems and decorating their homes with them.

PM me if you're interested in a member of this family.

Anything goes as long as you don't abandon (release) anything! If you want to get rid of an egg, freeze it and send it to me in a trade. If you don't want a pet anymore, please do the same. Other than that, have fun!


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