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Dancemaster and Mixtress P (the P for Puvia, of course) are birds that some would consider super freaks. They love that funky music so much they'll never stop 'til they get enough. They think everybody should dance and have good times. Dancemaster is a real macho man that can't get enough of his mate's love - they never knew love like this before and are always seen together. It is said that puvia hate mating, but every day is a lover's holiday for these two. They usually sleep all day so they can boogie oogie oogie all night long. If you want to party when you come to Callisto Islands, make sure you stop by the brick house Saturday night and have some good times.

Anything goes as long as you don't abandon (release) anything! If you want to get rid of an egg, freeze it and send it to me in a trade. If you don't want a pet anymore, please do the same. Other than that, have fun!


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