Vader Tots Family Crest

The Vader Tots Family

Creator: Rhia
Owner: Rhia

Members: 132

The Family name is from the Potooto Competition, from the Team "Vader Tots", I was in.
The art is from Lazuli.

Please breed them. You can breed all colors.
Please name your Family Member and its offspring. Any name is fine. It doesn't have to be a Star Wars name. ;-)
If you don't want a member of this family anymore, gift it to someone else or send it back to me.
Thank you. :-)

Family rules

No egg freezing
No releasing


1st Generation (6)

2nd Generation (13)

3rd Generation (16)

4th Generation (21)

5th Generation (21)

6th Generation (9)

7th Generation (10)

8th Generation (8)

9th Generation (10)

10th Generation (9)

11th Generation (5)

12th Generation (2)