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The Lost Love Family

Creator: Mockingbird
Owner: Mockingbird

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The FIRST offspring from the Lost Love Progenitor Pair was gifted to Galehad. This is my fastest-growing public lineage, most likely because it's free.

1: As the Lost Loves are a free lineage, if I catch you selling one, I will be very mad and ask for ALL of your pairs back. I'm sorry, but this lineage is NOT a for-profit one!
2: I would prefer that you kept on interbreeding them.
3: INBREEDING should not happen unless the person/animal who you are naming the creature after was inbred.
4: This lineage isn't meant to be a sad one! It's supposed to let you know that the loved ones you have lost will not be forgotten!


1st Generation (12)

2nd Generation (37)

3rd Generation (10)

4th Generation (9)

5th Generation (1)