Twistedtree Family Crest

The Twistedtree Family

Creator: Corvus
Owner: Corvus

Members: 8

"They speak of the Moonseer, a three-leg, like themselves, as though the God of Ravenkind granted them this forest!" Her cry was fierce and cruel, unwavering in its authority, and it was met with quickly hushed calls of agreement and raving excitement. This is the home of the Twistedtree Brotherhood, led by Mother Ominous Twistedtree and Father Avarice. Their ideology? A radical notion that the Yatagarasu species must be removed from the Silva Forest. Their mission? Unite all Coraxes behind their message and convince the Magi of the Keep to aid them in their cause.

"Won't you join us, friend of the Ravens?"

Additional Rules:
• No inbreeding/interbreeding (no Os Ravens!)
• Breed with Stream ravens only
• Name your raven something fitting
• Send any and all unwanted Twistedtrees to me or Belmos!

Family rules

No egg freezing
No hatchling freezing
No releasing
No breeding with other lineages


1st Generation (4)

2nd Generation (2)