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The of the Nameless Wood Family

Creator: Corvus
Owner: Corvus

Members: 10

"Before Man and his names, this forest needed no title. It was understood, nameless in its power, as the birthplace of Ravenkind," he explained, bobbing his head ever so slightly. So the story goes, anyway. Yatagarasu Ravens have always sought to guard their homeland of the inner Silva Forest, but of late, the dangers has taken on a new form. Renegade Coraxes, hell-bent on reclaiming the forest have become stronger and seem to be ever-present. The Coven of the Nameless Wood rose up in response to the unprecedented threat and have become, under Spirit and Shadow's valiant leadership and with the aid of sympathetic Magi from the Keep, the greatest avian defenders of the region.

"I implore you, Magi - please join our ranks!"

Additional Rules:
• No inbreeding/interbreeding (no Os Ravens!)
• Breed with Stream ravens only
• Name your raven something fitting
• Send any and all unwanted Nameless Woods to me or Belmos!

Family rules

No egg freezing
No hatchling freezing
No releasing
No breeding with other lineages


1st Generation (7)

2nd Generation (1)