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"That is one of the Mearas, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell."

The Mearas were a breed of wild horses in the north of Middle-earth. Their mortality is equal to Men and their intelligence and strength are extraordinary.
They were descended from Felaróf, who was tamed by the first King of Rohan, Eorl. Ever since, they have been the mounts of the King and Princes of Rohan alone. During the War of the Ring, however, Gandalf the Grey tamed Shadowfax, lord of the Mearas at the end of the Third Age.

-no freezing
-no releasing
-Breed only with 1st gen Pintos (That means Pintos with Dark X Light Pegasus or Parentless Pinto X Parentless Pinto parents)
-Only pinto Pegasi are allowed here
-give them Rohirric (old English) Names or names from ROHIRRIC people ( like Eomer, Theoden and so on) as there are some Mearas-names given by Tolkien you can use them too. please no double names

Old English http://home.comcast.net/~modean52/oeme_dictionaries.htm


1st Generation (7)