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About 65 million of years ago, big reptiles have ruled the world. We, the humans, thought they where all dead. But now, in the year 2012 comes a subspecies of them to the daylight. For millions of years a pair of ankylocrocs has hide themselves in a dark cave under the surface where nobody ever found them. Nobody knows why those mysterious creatures appear on the surface of Earth now. The only thing we know is, that they only show themselves if they are near a magus.
If you ever happen to get one of these take good care of it. Many non-magi and perhaps even some dark magi want to kill them to investigate their species...

-NO freezing (you can keep them as Hatchlings but please without freezing)
-NO releasing
-NO using for a Quest
-Give them names like the Progenitors (Warriors & Tears)
-please breed them at least once


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