Misthunter Family Crest

The Misthunter Family

Creator: Monty
Owner: Monty

Members: 20

Deep in the Misty Forests lives a Family of Mist Stalkers in the secret of the Woods. They are called Misthunters. Why?
Well, they are only hunting in the Mist becouse in this Times they are most dangerous for there prey and for their Enemies.
So if you go into the Forest be carefull. You don´t know if somebody or something is following you to attack you.!
If you get a Member of the Misthunter you should take it with you if you go into the Forest. Then you wouldn´t be attack becouse you are a Friend .
So... would you take one?


-No Freezing
-No releasing
-No Inbreeding
-Breed just with SB Mist Stalkers
-Give them Names out of FANTASY Books/Films like Lord of the Ring, Eragon, WarriorCats, Harry Potter and so on.
-Be carefull. This Family is dangerous!


1st Generation (10)

2nd Generation (7)

3rd Generation (1)