de Verte Family Crest

The de Verte Family

Creator: Eri
Owner: lorimmel

Members: 30

The de Verte Family is an ancient Farir Lineage, started in the old days of Eternal Spring when all the Farir donned the green hue. Hence the family's name, literally meaning 'of the Green'. It is not known how many members were irrevocably lost during the Great Crash. In the year 2011, when Hunter's Moon shone upon the Earth and Farir began to change their colors for the first time in history, a magi called Lorimmel found the survivors in Master Belmos' Keep and purchased them for 5000 gold coins. Ever since, Lorimmel has been trying to revive and spread this noble line.
De Verte lineage members should be only bred to farir of the same generation and color. No freezing, releasing or inbreeding please. All members of the family (and preferably their mates) should be named. Gorgeous family crest by WhatNames. Thank you!


1st Generation (7)

2nd Generation (6)

3rd Generation (10)

4th Generation (5)