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Writing stuff

Postby Lillypebble » August 13th, 2022, 9:48:27 pm

this is a poem/thing i wrote a while ago. also this thread will be about my writing things

anyway here is an untitled thing

I loved someone once
Gave him my heart
Hoped he would cradle it, take care of it
Wishing and hoping
For something i know would never happen to a girl like me
In the beginning it was nice
We held eachother in the sheets
And i was so naive
Thought this is what love was

For a while after i tried to fix my brain
Rewire and program someone whos ambition was to focus on herself
I had to constantly reassured myself that i am worth more
Than the shape of my body and the length of my hair

I tried the ways therapists and doctors said would help
Dont give yourself away

But its so hard to cherish yourself when your whole existence is based on a theory that we are specks in a meaningless universe
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