Rise of A Queen

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Rise of A Queen

Postby KingByakko » July 16th, 2022, 12:30:38 am

The four will set upon a journey when their paths have turned to a seeming end.
Never shall any fall to the evil and bend.
Out of the ash of a fallen city shall a queen rise.
To lead or harm the fates will decide.
To each a path will come to each a path must hold.
Love,war and hate a story to tell that has yet to be told.
~ "Prophecy of The Lost Queen" By Liolas The Archiver

Chapter 1: Soul Bound

An eight year old girl stared up at her mother in a mixture of excitement and fear. She would go see the elders today and tell her if she had a soul. It was a great thing to have a soul. It meant you had a soulmate. Fioans who have souls are few and far between. Fioans are immortal beings they normally had no use for souls. They instead brought souls and the living together. Each soul had a tether to whom it belonged.

Fioans are born with a natural ability to see and follow a soul tether and bind souls to the person they belong to. The souls that go to another Fioan are not seen by them, those souls find their own body. Fioans never know who out of the next set of children had a soul.

Every Fioan child is checked when they turn eight. This is her time to see if she has what her people call a "Pure soul". Only a Fioan can have such a soul. Danaka was both scared and excited. She hoped this is why she felt a strange bubbling inside her chest.

Danaka strode forward to have the elders make her soul, if she had one, visible.The elder laid a hand on her shoulder and cast a light through her and everyone gasped. Danaki looked down at herself and saw another smaller soul attached to hers. It looked nothing like her or her bigger soul. The crowd began to whisper to each other and then it turned to angry screaming.

"Outcast! Outcast!" The eight year old heard screamed at her as stuff was thrown at her. Her mother shook her head and turned her back. She was no longer Danaka of the Darmiki Tribe but Danaki the soul snatcher. Once part of a great soul keeper society, now claimed theft on her. All because she had two souls. One was not hers and perched now on her shoulder after the elders released it. The soul still seemed attached to the young girl however. That is why they call her Danaka the soul snatcher.

Danaka didn't even know how this other little soul got into her but she must journey fourth and give it back. There is someone out there living without their soul. Not completely though their soul was just attached to Danaka. Only those with soulmates have a soul. Danaki was one of the few born with a soul not only that but her soulmate's soul as well.

The elders have told her this is why the little soul is with her; it did not want to part from its mate. Danaki thought that was the sweetest of things, but now she was thought evil by her own people.

Her immortality stripped and given to the soul now called "Herru" she didn't have much choice but leave her home behind. No mortal can live long in the forest of Fion; it trapped away the life of mortals to keep all the immortals safe. Fioans are one of the few immortals left in this world.

Danaka knew that she would not get help from her mother or the village for her journey to bind the soul back into the body it belonged. She told the elders of her wish and they gave her supplies and a young Taaku to ride when they both are older.

Danaka sighed softly looking at the Taaku that now is part of her companionship. "Well now besides Herru I now have you little Taaku to keep me company. What should I name you?" She asks, turning to the four legged beast. It flapped its fluffy wings uselessly and nosed her with its tiny cold nose. It flickered fluffy pointed ears with tuffs of fur at the tips. Two baby fangs poked out of its lips and it opened its mouth to make a sound.

"RAUF" it said to her and Danaki laughed all Taaku made this sound but in the moment it could be a name.

"Rauf it is then" she says patting its shoulder. All Taaku are extremely loyal so once a bond is formed they don't need anything to lead them by. Good thing too, many don't like seeing Taaku on a lead her people especially. Rauf nuzzles her and licks her with its raspy tongue making her giggle softly.

With one last look behind her at the village of the Fion she sighed as tears pricked at the corner of her eyes. No one was there to say goodbye, not even her mother. She would forever feel this pain of knowing that she was so easily cast aside.

Danaka looked to Herru as anger and sadness boiled inside her "WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE JUST BEEN BOUND LIKE EVERY OTHER SOUL! I HAVE LOST MY HOME AND FAMILY THANKS TO YOU!" Danaki growled and shouted at the little soul who stumbled off her shoulder. It curled itself into a small ball and trembled.

Danaka was breathing hard, eyes unfocused until she saw Herru shaking and shivering. Tears rolled down her cheeks. How could she do that to this poor innocent soul. It didn't know what would happen when it stayed with her soul. "I am sorry little Herru." She says softly slowly reaching for the soul. She gave it a little pet and scooped it up.

Danaka felt ashamed at what she had done. She had done to Herru what her people had done to her. She would no longer be like them, she would be Danaka of no Tribe the binder of one soul. Herru will be the first and last soul she will ever bind. All she can hope is that her and her soulmate will love each other like the stories she heard had said they would. She gave Herru a gentle hug and a soft kiss on its little cheek. She turned to Rauf and reached for the tether and gave a soft tug at it, then she walked away from home without another look behind her.
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Re: Rise of A Queen

Postby KingByakko » July 16th, 2022, 10:56:08 pm

Chapter 2: Flight of the Butterfly

A little girl sat in an alley as six butterflies danced about her head. The little girl giggled as bright purple and blue butterflies danced around her little head. She reached out and caught one in her hands. It crawls up her hand, its little feelers tapping along her skin. She gently pets its head cooing at it. These little creatures do as she says. No one ever does that, not even her parents. She looked down at the rest of the swarm crawling all over something.

The little girl paid no mind to it, after all it would no longer bother her again. The silly boy from down the street had learned his lesson now, then who else will? The small child of three years skipped out from the alley with about a dozen butterflies dancing across her head. Behind her a swarm flew quietly on unheard wings.

A smile spreads across her face as the first scream is heard when someone notices the deadly creatures that followed along after her. Even the smallest child was made to fear them. After all, they poison and paralyze you the second they land on you. A swarm of ten will slowly pick your bones clean in days. You feel every little nibble as they eat you basically alive. Nothing but fire stops these vicious butterflies.

Everyone knows if you so much as squish one thousands more will flock to you. Villages from the forest have long since decided to stay inside even if one is spotted. Everyone knew that they swarmed and only fire kept them at bay. No one was willing to burn down their house to scare off them. It was better to hide and wait for it to fly by.

The little girl has hidden and fed them her food scraps for days. Of course at first she had feared them after all the stories, she had been scared when the first one touched her arm. When nothing happened she wondered if the stories were true. She had gently caught it and placed it on the nearest animal, a bird that had a broken wing. When she saw that it didn't move even when she shouted and waved her hands she knew the butterfly was the reason.

After finding one she found others and fed them some of the food she was given to eat. After a time she learned that they followed her silent command. Unlike with the village she didn't need to talk to them for them to listen to her. Everyone told her to "use her voice". Whatever that meant she wasn't sure at all.

All she knew was that her friends were hungry and her village... they needed to pay. She grinned even bigger as people screamed and ran for their doors only to find butterflies blocking the way. She shook her short reddish brown hair in disappointment. None were going to escape. She found ways for her friends to get into houses. Every nook, cranky and crack was a way for them to get in to feed. After she was sure they were in every household she picked up an abandoned doll and sat on the road and played.

It took awhile but the screams slowly faded away. Every once in a while one of the butterflies would land on her. It would be warm and wet and whatever it had on it would transfer to wherever it landed. Before she knew it the small child was covered in red drying stains from the butterflies. They smelled funny but she couldn't be bothered to place a name on it. They were happy she could feel it.

As the hours passed butterflies slowly gathered around her flying in slow, wobbly, lazy patterns then they would be gone. As the sun slipped beyond the hills only six were left dancing about her head. They landed in her messy hair that had whatever the butterflies had on them all dried up in it. She looked around and not a soul was there.

They must all be gone by now, her friends had gotten rid of every last one of these silly people. She no longer had to bother with them any more. With that she walked back to her home stepping over the now unmoving mounds of what once were people. She didn't spare a single look after all, none moved.

Days passed after and hunger gnawed at her young belly. She knew not who to turn to for food. There was no one here. They didn't feed her much anyway. She had long since eaten all the apples and fruit in the stalls. She nibbled on bread but it made her sick if she ate too much. There wasn't much else she could do.

By the time set on the fifth day up the three year old was feeling something she never felt before. She didn't like this at all; her butterflies could only entertain her so much before they went to feast, bringing back more of the red liquid. She was sure they would get to have her for food too if it wasn't for the sound of hooves.

Men and women on horses had come to the village. They looked around in horror and shock at what they saw. Bodies scattered across the ground most down to the bone, some still just barely alive. What shocked them the most is the blood covered child wandering among the streets.

"Look there, don't touch her. Can't you see she is a charmer? She has six Iveshka and they never leave food." the woman leading them says pointing to the small child. Then turns to the little girl. "Come with us, we will teach you how to control your magic. What is your name?" The woman asks as she gets off her horse and crouches down in front of the butterfly child.

The girl looked back at her and gently picked up a butterfly and showed it to her. “Iveshka?" She asked the child with a raised eyebrow.

"I-I-Ivka." She was finally able to say her first word, her name she felt proud of. The woman grinned at her and nodded.

"Well, Ivka, welcome to Aspos Mercenaries. I am Aspos." Aspos says "may I pick you up and take you with me?" She asked to reach for the blood covered Ivka. The child nodded with a tiny smile. She was now a part of something but she wasn't sure what.
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Re: Rise of A Queen

Postby KingByakko » July 25th, 2022, 5:51:25 pm

Chapter 3: Dust Twister's Gift

Small eyes peered out at the vast scene of sand as far as the eye can see. They knew that the desert can not be trusted and that is why they watched it. All Kavashi must watch the desert the day before becoming an adult. It is a tradition passed down through many generations. They are not the first nor will they be the last to watch the desert. Nor were they the only ones to be watching.

Green eyes flickered to the west for a moment to see another child of their age. A slender girl with her hair cut short according to the code of the warrior. To the east was a broad shouldered boy just a head bigger than themself. He is dressed as a Seeker. Seekers found water and Oases for the people. The green eyed one however was wearing the paint of a Shamen one of wisdom.

They turned back to the desert when the wind picked up a bit. Their eyes dart across the horizon for the smallest of change. Then they look to the sky to see if it changed in the slightest. Every child knows the desert is a cruel place that could change in a moment. One must never leave it unwatched.

They could see clouds forming in the sky. The smell of salt in the air. "Dust Twister" they breathed out as their eyes grew big. Dust Twisters were the worst and could carry away anything in its path. They scrambled down the dunes towards the bell as the others ran for it too. They also must have seen it. "DUST TWISTER! DUST TWISTER! DUST TWISTER!" All three of them yelled as the bell rang alerting all the Kavashi people in their tribe.

As everyone scrambled with their belongings to the caves the wind began to pick up. A whistle sound could be heard as grains of sand were pulled up off the ground. The Shaman in training stayed behind with the warrior girl to help people find caves as the sand made it impossible to see.

Soon the two youngsters were being pulled through the sand towards a whirling cyclone of sand. It was a mixture of orange, yellow, and red. Horror filled the youngsters eyes as they stared down death coming to claim them. The warrior girl acted fast and tossed the young shaman into a cave as she was picked up like a toy and taken away.

The young shawman tried to grab her hand but it slipped through their grasp and she was lost to the cyclone that called her. They too lost their sight as the sand claimed it when they tried to save her. Before darkness took them the shawman thought they saw blood colored eyes in the Dust Twister.

Just like it came it was gone as if the blood of the young warrior had sated its appetite. Little did anyone one know it left what it took, a life. It wasn't long before a cry caught the attention of the people. A cry of a babe not a wounded person so they knew it was not the young warrior. No this was a new life left to them.

The young warrior's parents were the first to look at what had been left to the Kavashi in return for the life that was stolen. A small babe inside some kind of basket lay where the storm had stopped.The babe was soon discovered to be a girl like the one that was lost. She looked nothing like the Kavashi, her skin was almost a red brown in color while theirs was a mud color. Her hair was the color of sand itself; theirs were black like the night. Her eyes were blue like the sky itself. For a moment she was believed to be blind. All sand people had honey, jade, or mud colored eyes.

However she was able to turn her head to follow the man and woman who peered down at her. She reached for them with babbling and giggling. "I know she is not who you lost, but if you wish you may have her." The chief finally spoke to them. The man and woman looked at one another as if trying to speak with their minds.

"No, she is not. That is nothing she is at fault for." The man says softly touching the babe's hair. A sad smile on his face as he looks her over.

"I do think that the Dust Twister left her for us to take, Lavite." The woman says gently picking up the baby. "What do you think, do we have room for her? Nazuna has been begging for a little sibling." She says to her husband.

"I don't know Kiana, Nazuna is only five long nights old. He may get angry, let's ask him first." Her husband says. Kiana nodded her head.

"Alright Vorrik, I will get him." Kiana says then hands him the baby before turning, walking towards the nearest cave and called into it. "Nazuna, Nazuna come here!" She calls and a small boy with curly black hair and honey eyes came out.

"Yes momma?" Nazuna asks, tilting his head and taking her hand when his mother holds it out.

"Come see, we have something to show you." Kiana says, with a soft smile as she took her son to where her husband and the baby were.

"I HAVE A SIBLING ?!" Nazuna cried with excitement as he bounced up and down. He got close and stared at her his excitement bubbling. "Wait where Lashka is, she would love this." He says squeaking.

"Nazuna, Lashka was taken by the Dust Twister and it left this baby here in her place." Kiana says softly. Nazuna started to tear up a bit.

"I will protect my little sister with my life. I was not able to protect Lashka but I will protect this little flower." Nazuna declares.

"Savari." Kiana says softly, smiling.

"Huh?" Nazuna says with tears on his face.

"Savari, little flower, shall be her name." Kiana said and Vorrik nodded with a smile.

"Welcome to the family little Savari." Nazuna says as his new baby sister begins to fall asleep in her new father's arms.
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