LTB Old Event Creatures

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Re: LTB Old Event Creatures

Postby vividmirage » July 21st, 2021, 9:17:24 pm

hi! :wave:
I have two foxfire skulk males, a red and a black, but I would like a female to make a pair, so if you’re willing to genderswap, I’ll trade a male for a female! It’s up to you whether you’d rather have the red or the black :)

(I happened to see bleeding-heart gryphons and akhluts in your “future sale” tab; they’re gorgeous and I’d love to purchase them from you at some point if you can tell me what the price would be! I don’t have quite enough at the moment, but if I eventually manage to get enough gold or if there are some creatures of mine you’d like perhaps we could work something out…)
☆ thanks for clicks! ☆

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want donis? I’ve got five shards I can sell
@ 50k each— for breedings, or buying! :)
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Re: LTB Old Event Creatures

Postby NaoKitsune » July 28th, 2021, 10:56:54 am

I have this dateless male blue pygmy phoenix I was hoping to get 15k for, feel free to PM me to disccuss, sometimes I'm awful about checking back

& Master Belmos sells these gals for 10k each

Let me know!
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