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Are you otherkin?

Yes, and I'm Therian.
Yes, and I'm humanoid.
Yes, and I'm something else.
Maybe. I need to learn more about it.
No, but I'm interested in learning about the concept.
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Re: Otherkin

Postby Hawktalon » February 6th, 2013, 8:58:29 pm

JurroRath wrote:
TNHawke wrote:one strange thing though is that, while I get the normal pains in my sides and in my legs, I also get horrible pains on my upper back between my shoulder blades, right where I always imagine my wings would be if I had any. This is probably just my imagination, and the simple fact that I'm not very fit, but I'm not entirely sold on that idea, though I'm trying very hard not to sell myself on the idea of being an otherkin either.

The sensation of phantom limbs is probably one of the defining characteristics of Otherkin. (not that everyone does, and not everyone who defines themself as 'Kin feels them, but it is extremely common)
Here's the interesting thing about phantom pain, which is medically researched. When a person has a body part amputated- say an arm or a leg, afterwards, they will often report feeling pain in the limb that is no longer there. There's no nerves to fire, they shouldn't be feeling anything, so what the heck? It has baffled doctors and scientists for years. However, even though the nerves in the limb are severed and gone, the area of the brain they were attached to still remains. And that will continue to process information. Maybe it realizes the limb is gone and thinks "hey, you should be feeling pain!" or maybe it's just random firing of synapses that your conscious mind then interprets at pain or other sensations.
So... if the brain will continue to recognize a limb that is no longer there, could it be that the brain is recognizing limbs that SHOULD be there? Is that why we feel wings and tails and such? That some part of our brain knows it should be there and neurons fire accordingly? or, do we just have really active imaginations, and the brain is a wonderfully detailed organ and we can imagine these sensations and thus we get them?
My own experiences with phantom limbs and pain-
When I was an adolescent, my canine teeth were coming in over top of all the rest of my teeth- my mouth is too small for them all. So, the dentist extracted my cuspids on either side and allowed my canines to move down into the newly opened slot. We thought I would need braces to finish it out, but nope, they moved in perfectly and except for missing a couple on top, I have surprisingly straight, nice teeth. I have felt a tingle from that spot ever since. I always wondered if it was a phantom 'pain' (it doesn't actually hurt) or just my imagination. Insert many years. My top wisdom teeth have come in, but practically sideways. One rubs against my cheek, irritating my cheek, then, because it's hard to brush, and it's always against skin, it develops a cavity and ultimately a corner breaks off! Now, I've got this sharp, jagged crater in my tooth REALLY cutting into my cheek. Remembering the sensation from the cuspids, I start concentrating on those wisdom teeth- I can't feel them. No tingle, nothing. I got them pulled about a week after the break happened. Let them heal up. Sure enough, even years later I can feel a tingle in the back, upper corner of my jaw where those teeth used to be.
Here's where it gets fun. That tingle is a nearly identical tingle that I get in my back, where wings would attach, in my lower spine, where a tail would attach, even in my finger and toe tips where claws would be. When I sit back and relax- or even standing up, in public, all I have to do is concentrate on them a bit, and I can feel everything- the beak, the ears, even the feathers and fur. I have felt the wind ruffle them.
Overactive imagination? Maybe. Sensations of parts I should have, but physically don't? Maybe.

For years I've "felt" wings, on my lower shoulder blades. It was never more than a slight tingle, like something's supposed to be there but isn't, when I concentrated, but this morning I was messing with it and trying to make them "move" like I can sometimes feel but usually only at night in that half-awake state, but it really started to hurt. It's hurting now, after reading through this thread and probably making me aware of it. I can imagine clearly how it would feel to fly, despite never having a flying dream (WHY??!!), though I do have a rather active imagination. ^^Hence the quotes.

I do believe in reincarnation and that I was probably a bird in a past life, based on my desire for wings and the ability to fly. I'm also not phased at all by heights, or rollercoasters for that matter, but it could mean absolutely nothing.

Am I socially awkward? Yes, but I'm a nerd at heart as well and have never identified with most "normal" people. I often would rather hang out by myself or with my pets than other people. Though I would rather be an animal, I've always labeled myself as human.

Personally, I have a hard time believing this as years spent enjoying science class have turned me into the "seeing is believing" type, but it would be rather cool and I do think it's interesting to hear other people's views on the topic. I can't say I'm totally against this, though, because of the phantom pain in my back.
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Postby IAmKuromiSparkachu » December 18th, 2015, 9:01:08 pm

        i feel like i'm butting in & if i am just politely let me know...

        i'm fictionkin with zim, and i'm really chill. i don't feel i don't care (and really don't have much of a say anyhow) abt. the whole 'cosplay/art' thing. hhonestly unless you say "you're not zim" or are outright rude to me about it i couldn't care less :v

        i feel i can identify with his confusion about emotions, mood swings, intensity, etc.
        i also am short and angry so

        but uhh yeah

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Re: Otherkin

Postby Revan014 » December 22nd, 2015, 7:19:28 am

I am genuinely unsure. I found this topic and it piqued my interest. I took a few quizzes, my results were always Angelkin or Demonkin, though I (theoretically) think I am more sort to the middle, an entity if you will.
When I think about it the word Void, capitalized like that, and an ever-changing landscape comes to mind.

I find I can pretty manipulative easily and choose the most inopportune moment to get back at someone. I am completely unfazed by death and blood, but I will express sadness if a horrible event, like the Paris terror attacks, happen. I hold grudges for great periods of time, though reconcile quickly with my friends. I have a strange fascination with mythical creatures and magic, though this may be because most books in my house were fantasy and my dad played DnD.

I feel different. The concept of the soul interests me and feels quite familiar, I am atheist but I don't disbelieve in otherworldly powers and beings like gods. One time, put of the blue I asked a close friend that if he gave me his soul I would give him whatever he wanted in return, he laughed, thinking I was joking, I had no idea what happened and was really embarrassed. A few similar incidents have occurred. I am weird, but differently so. Sometimes I am "human" weird, other times I feel like I am completely different in a really strange way. I treat my room like it's my own plane of existence, my word is law, etc, though that is probably just authoritarianism.

I really feel like I an older and I display a much greater interest in non-modern cultures and periods. From the Renaissance to before the Stone Age.
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Re: Otherkin

Postby Howltrail » May 4th, 2022, 10:33:03 pm

Hello guys, I am otherkin due to being indigenous. I am a native american that beliefs in the practice of reincarnation and believe myself to have been reborn from multiple nonhuman creatures, I lean to the therian dog side personally but there's more.
We get left out of conversations most times sadly, but we exist! Many natives believed in returning to the earth, or being reborn in some way! Otherkin just happens to be a new label I can use for a very old practice. I cannot change my experience as an indigenous person, but many have sadly said it is fairy tales to be during racially charged violence. If some would listen and care, I am sure they would be much more enlightened.





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Re: Otherkin

Postby HydraTriangle » January 21st, 2023, 4:28:48 pm

Doesnt look like I have posted in this thread so I'll take a stab at it!

If you identify as otherkin, how did you arrive at that conclusion? Does it tie in with your religious or metaphysical beliefs? If so, how? If not, why?

So I am plural. Not all plural people are diagnosed with OSDD or DID. I have had therapists say that I have DID although they never fully put in a diagnosis, so I'm unsure if that's the cause of my plurality.

Plurality and otherkin in my mind can be very intertwined. Some of my headmates, whether temporary or not, literally are animals or have animal traits at least. They can feel phantom limbs when they 'front' or take control of the body. But, I wouldn't say that they identify as otherkin, because to them, they just are. And that's all. But still, we would consider ourselves collectively as otherkin, and even fictionkin sometimes.

If you identify as otherkin, what kind of otherkin are you? Do you display any of those traits in the course of normal interactions with the rest of the world? If so, how do people react? If not, do you wish you could/would?
As I've said some of our headmates feel those phantom limbs, wings, or what have you. Most people I befriend are very accepting and I have no trouble talking about it. For example my headmate that has wings can complain about his wings hurting without getting any sort of "lol what do you mean you dont actually have wings" type of response.

In my mind, these traits are both spiritual and mental and are indicative of our health. That headmate I mentioned, his wings usually only hurt when something is wrong with us mentally. It's like a way that he keeps track of how we are doing mentally. It's like some sort of psychosomatic way our brain has developed to keep an eye on itself. So, it's interesting in that way.

How do YOU define otherkin?
Anyone who feels deeply connected to something non-human.

Have you ever encountered someone who identified as otherkin? What were your impressions?
Yes I've had many friends and my husband is also otherkin. I've had every sort of impression you can get. Some I didn't like at all, some I did. They are as varied as any type of people. There are bad apples and good ones, as you get with every group. I don't see it as any different than any other community of people.
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