Trigger Warning: Sexual harassment/assault

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Re: Trigger Warning: Sexual harassment/assault

Postby prettyiggy7 » November 16th, 2021, 6:38:22 pm

What are your thoughts on sex crimes themselves? They're abhorrent, anyone exploiting another person like that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Do you believe people 'ask for it' when they dress provocatively? NO, that's not indicating consent.

What is consent to you? When 2 people know each other and each verbally consents to having sex.

How do you think society's portrayal of sex crimes hinders or helps us? It definitely hinders us as some movies portray rape in a positive light, as though the perpetrator had "good reason" to do what he did. NEVER is this true!

Do you think the media plays a role in all of this? Yes

Do you believe men can be a victim of sex crimes too? Absolutely, and often at the hands of other men. Children and disabled people are often raped as well.

Have sex crimes affected you or loved ones? Yes

Do they leave harmful and lasting affects? Absolutely, it's a very traumatic experience that can take years of therapy to deal with. Some people never completely heal from the emotional damage caused by sexual assault

Do you think there's a way to stop sex crimes? Once a rapist is convicted I think they should spend the rest of their life in jail. Sex crimes have a very high recidivism rate, conservatively stated as 32.% It's not worth the risk to society to release the individuals only to have them rape more people.


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