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Re: The Bible?

Postby LutemiNovora » October 8th, 2021, 10:49:21 pm

I have God and Jesus with me always.

There was a time when I was alone. I spent most of my life before becoming a Christian, sad and alone. A lot of the people I cared about left me and I stopped getting close to people because it hurt so much when they left me. My father abused me and I ended up in another abusive relationship in high school that went on for a few years, even after high school. I always felt sad and lonely. I always felt like something was missing and I tried so hard to find it, and nothing worked. None of the people I met, none of my hobbies, no matter how I tried to make myself look, no matter how many accomplishments I made, I still felt empty.

Until one day I was led to church. Then my life started changing, for once I started to be truly happy. Things seemed to actually start going right in my life. I don’t feel alone anymore. All of the pain I had is gone. I can feel God and Jesus with me always. There’s so much warmth in my heart now.
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