Dreams..Had any? Share here.

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Re: Dreams..Had any? Share here.

Postby Angelch17 » April 30th, 2021, 2:00:00 am

I just woke up from a dream ....

I for some reason had just been elected as President. There were people trying to get me as they didn’t want me to take the office.
I was traveling with someone I didn’t know down a road towards the House. We were on horseback and as we rode down the road I could see some vehicles that had been attacked and there were bodies all over the place. Just then someone started to shoot at us and we veered off the highway down a small dirt side road. Going down this road, my horse got very uneasy and suddenly to the left of us there was a large animal behind a fence. I was relieved that it couldn’t get us. I’m not sure why but we turned around to go back towards the highway, when suddenly my horse veered to the left off of the road into a canal of water or mud. I’m not sure which. Suddenly I was inside a house and people there were discussing the situation and trying to decide how to get me to the House. I remember opening a door that led to a garage where a car that I felt was mine was parked and as I looked past the car I saw that the garage door was wide open. I quickly shut the door and asked several times in panic, “Who opened the garage door?” Just then a man (I’m guessing a bodyguard) ran past me towards the door to the garage and just before he opened the door he looked at me as if he knew he was going to die. But no one was there and that’s when I woke up.
There were a lot of little details of the dream that faded as I woke unfortunately but wow that one was crazy I just had to come and post it here.
*heads back to bed*
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Re: Dreams..Had any? Share here.

Postby missshadedlove » May 1st, 2021, 6:44:13 pm

The other day i just dreamed my dad had died too..but it wasnt as emotional..which is weird because i love both my parents.
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