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Re: StormCry & Shadowfax - Lycans

Postby StormCry » June 10th, 2021, 5:29:38 pm

Blaire stood over Aisling protectively, head low, lips curled in a snarl as they all stood off with the cats.

Brazen's ears twisted sideways just a little, expression softening toward Zoe as she apologized. He twisted his head to look at Sabi as she busted into the fight and started... stalling? Genius!

Liam cringed as Sabrina threw all caution to the wind and ran straight into the stand-off. He desperately wanted to run for cover and watch for an opening to help his friends from the cover of the trees, but it was too late - the cats had already seen them coming. So, he stood next to Sabrina as she traded words with the lead cat.

That cat with the star on her head smirked. She stared at the young wolf for a long moment until a few bird whistles echoed through the trees. Her eyes remained locked on Sabrina, but with a simple flick of her ear, all but two of the cats turned tail and shot down the hill, leaving the wolves alone. The two cats remaining flanked the starred leader as she took a step back, raising her head.
"I will not force you... today. When that one cannot be healed by your healers, and begins to show signs of maddness," She nodded toward Aisling, lying on the ground, "you will come to our village in peace, as I am the only one with the antidote for what has poisoned her. And then you will know then what kind of leader I am here." Without another thought or word, she and the two other cats turned and darted down the hill after the others.
(dun, dun, DUUUUUN! :t-boo: )

Brazen and Liam both glanced around, confirming the cats were gone.
"What did she mean by that?" Blaire demanded, risking a step back and sniffing Aisling "Are you alright? What did they do to you? What did she mean by saying that about you?"
Brazen whimpered, "Maybe the madness in the rogue wolves we've found has something to do with the cats?"
Liam continued to scan the area, "Can we answer these questions someplace else, maybe?"
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Re: StormCry & Shadowfax - Lycans

Postby Shadowfax278 » June 11th, 2021, 3:33:31 pm

((oh, well done :t-O_O:; I didn't see that coming. nice one :splat:))

Sabrina frowned when she heard everything the leader said, her ears flattening a bit against her head in worry for her friend after the former signaled to the majority of the cats to leave.
Zoe also looked worried as well as a bit crestfallen when she heard their friend going mad from the poison. She then thought that this might have all been a trick and trap as well as Ash being the possible target all along though she didn't say that out loud just yet. They both heard the questions that Blaire, Brazen, and Liam asked, though the last three questions Blaire asked were directed mostly at Ash, Sabrina said in reply, "Let's get back to camp and get the questions answered there as we're feeling a bit exposed right now."

Aisling looked up at Blaire when she heard the questions he asked her, opening her mouth to reply to them shortly afterward but then heard what Brina said and closed her mouth again. She then let out another pained whimper and tried to get up, but it heard too much to move at the moment. "I might need a bit of help getting up and going back to camp," she said to him a bit weakly as her vision was starting to blur.

The reinforcements arrived on the scene when Sabrina and company were discussing what they were, seeing that one of them was really bad off in being injured. Some of them moved to help Blaire with Aisling and then the rest went over to the others to see if they were okay and to also assist them in getting back to camp as well as being their protection in case the cats came back.

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