Site Trouble! - FIXED!

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Site Trouble! - FIXED!

Postby Rosehill » December 29th, 2021, 11:59:17 am

EDIT Jan 14th: The issues have now been gone for the better part of the week, so it seems that all issues have now been fixed!


EDIT Jan 8th: The issues are still ongoing and being worked on. Please see status updates in the Support and Suggestions thread: ... y-lag.html


EDIT Dec 29th 1:20 PM EST:
Most of the site issues have been fixed, thanks to Madd! <3 This includes the lag, the Cloudflare errors, the Bad Gateway errors, as well as the whole site's outlook going wonky! Creature images, world images, and the site's other images may appear wonky for a little while still while they slowly climb back to existence.

If you are still seeing a mostly white screen when viewing Magistream, try to hard refresh (link to google search for a hard refresh if you need to know how to do that) your browser. ^_^


The site is currently experiencing even more problems apart from the lag and cloudflare errors as we're closing in on the year. Creature images may disappear from view and otherwise the site may look very wonky. We're working on the situation and hopefully will get it resolved soon.
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