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Harvest festivities 2021

PostPosted: November 24th, 2021, 4:51:05 pm
by Rosehill

The harvest festivities are soon upon us again!

Nov 26th: Please note that due to the site experiencing varying degrees of lag for the past few days, the Harvest event will be postponed by a day while we're working on solving the lag issue first!

The Stream Watchers report that the wild amagnae have been spotted further up in the Stream and that the flood will reach us on November 27th 28th. The flood is estimated to last up to and including December 3rd 4th.

Aderyn has also been rumored to have been spotted with quite an enthusiastic grin on her face and she's promised to make a big reveal once the feast begins.

The harvest festivities also wouldn't be the same without magis participating in all kinds of competitions, so stay tuned for this year's one! Details will be announced during the 27th!

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Re: Harvest festivities 2021

PostPosted: November 29th, 2021, 2:13:39 pm
by Rosehill
Harvest Competitions

This year the Harvest festivities offer a chance to participate in not one, but two competitions! One makes the amagnae life awfully sweet and the other could be a tale as old as time!

You are allowed to participate in both competitions but you can only win prizes in one of them.

1st place: a pair of December 5-shard Donation Pets
2nd place: a pair of December 3-shard Donation Pets
3rd place: a pair of December 2-shard Donation Pets

Entries can be submitted from this moment up to and including December 10th. You are allowed one entry per competition. You are allowed to edit your entry up to and including December 10th. Any entries posted or edited after December 10th will not be eligible to take part in the competition. Time is measured by official Magistream time, which can be seen at the bottom right corner of the forums.

Common applicable rules:

Competition 1 rules:
Create an amagnae out of sweets. Take a picture of your sweet sweets amagnae with a physical sign with your username and the year "2021" in it. Pictures must be taken of an actual physical creation, i.e. digital art is not eligible. Also digital signs with your username and the year 2021 are not eligible.

Competition 2 rules:
Write a short story (roughly 200-600 words) about where the Ethereal Amagnae go when they fade out and what they see there.

For questions and comments about the event and competitions use the Community Discussion thread: ... event.html