Wanted: Writing team applications

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Wanted: Writing team applications

Postby Morgaln » January 23rd, 2021, 3:42:19 pm

Hello everyone,

there is a lot of work that goes into creating Magistream. In order to share the load we are planning to create a dedicated writing team. For that, we are looking for writers to join our team.
Your job would be primarily to write descriptions, but also quests and any other writing we might require. You'll also be taking part in planning events.

To apply for a position, you need to do the following:

Under the spoiler is a sprite set for a creature that doesn't have a description yet. Write a description; the description needs to conform to the usual MS description format:

Egg: Description of the egg
Hatchling: Description of the hatchling
Adult: Description of the adult
General: The part of the description that shows up on every stage

The creature will also need a name. The description must be text only, but other than that, you can get as creative as you like.

The only required piece of writing we need to see in the application is the creature description. However, other writing on Magistream consists of quests, descriptions of regions on the map, or entries for the library. If you would like to submit additional pieces for consideration, you may. Feel free to submit the opening to a quest of your own design, or describe the flow of an entire quest you have planned. Once again, the more creative, the better.

Please do not post your application on the forum, to make sure no one can rip off your ideas. In order to send your application, please fill out the following form on google docs:

application form


  • We are looking for 1-3 members, but we reserve the right to choose none if no one meets our standards
  • All writing you submit in this application will remain yours and yours alone and will not be used in any way by us.
  • You have time to submit your work until Sunday, February 14
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