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Harvest Festivities 2020 Competition Results!

PostPosted: December 15th, 2020, 4:18:31 am
by Rosehill
Here are the results of our two Harvest Festival competitions!

Amagnae temperature competition results

Let's see our hottest and coldest amagnae first.

Magi Harvest Feast competition, Sweater edition

What would the holidays be like without that very special sweater you... errr... your amagnae can wear! All the designs gave us a good laugh, and the creativity of our members keeps warming our heart. Just like a sweater.

4th prize: Real, Mirror Sweater (A pair of December 2 shard Donation Pets)
3rd prize: AuraDragoness, Ugly Solstice Sweater (A pair of November 2 shard Donation Pets)
2nd prize: Dancingstar, Hooded Sweater (A pair of December 3 shard Donation Pets)
1st prize: WynBird, Dyed Candycane Sweater (A pair of December 5 shard Donation Pets)

Congratulations to all who placed and thank you all for participating!

Prizes have appeared in the winners' keeps.