Magistream's 11th Birthday! May 10th ->

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Magistream's 11th Birthday! May 10th ->

Postby Rosehill » May 3rd, 2020, 11:57:30 pm

My dear Herbalists and Tridenties, Alveans and Preservationists, Magis, Beasts, Creatures, Dark Magi, Artificers and Arkaists.

Soon it is the site's one hundred and eleventh birthday!

Magistream's 11th Birthday Celebrations include:

New creatures will be available starting from May 10th. These limited event creatures will be available up to and including May 20th.

Egg slot increase
The egg slot amount will be raised by two on May 10th and lasting up to and including May 23rd.

Gifting will be possible starting from May 10th and lasting up to and including May 17th. Opening gifts will be possible starting from May 18th.

For those new to the site or gifting events, here's a quick break-down as to what gifting means:
  • You can gift unfrozen eggs and hatchlings to other users.
  • In order to gift a creature, click on "Give" on the creature's page or next to the creature in your keep view, fill in the recipient's username, fill in a note if you want, and send it.
  • You can gift an unlimited amount of creatures, but only three creatures to any one person.
  • You can receive a maximum of 25 presents. In order to see how many presents you have, go to your Keep page and scroll to the bottom. If you see no mention of presents then you don't have any yet.
  • There will not be a gift-born creature but you will receive a badge for gifting.

Other stuff:
Remy has promised a new drink!

And what else?
That will remain seen until the birthday celebrations begin.

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