Harvest festivities 2019

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Harvest festivities 2019

Postby Rosehill » November 28th, 2019, 1:01:18 am

Harvest festival shenanigans are upon us again!

The wild amagnae have been spotted in the stream again. They will flood up to and including December 2nd 2019.

Some reports also tell of sightings of a new kind of an Amagnae!

Harvest festival competitions

This year we are having not one, but TWO competitions. You are allowed to participate in both, and you can win prizes in both!

Amagnae competition
This year we are looking for the Amagnae with the brightest feathers! And also the Amagnae with dullest feathers.

Each new Amagnae, of this year's Amagnae Species, Plectra Amagnae will have a "Brightness of feathers" value. The value will show up on the adult Amagnae's page.

The Amagnae Competition will run from November 28th up to and including December 4th, official Magistream time (EST). All entries must be made or edited latest during December 4th. You can see the official Magistream time at the bottom right of the boards.

1st prize: December 5 shard Donation Pet
2nd prize: December 3 shard Donation Pet
3rd prize: November 2 shard Donation Pet

Each prize category will have two winners. One for the brightest category and one for the dullest.

In short:
The person whose Amagnae has the biggest value will get 1st prize.
The person whose Amagnae has the second biggest value will get 2nd prize.
The person whose Amagane has the third biggest value will get 3rd prize.
The person whose Amagnae has the smallest value will get 1st prize.
The person whose Amagnae has the second smallest values will get 2nd prize.
The person whose Amagnae has the third smallest value will get 3rd prize.

To participate in the competition:
Copy the "embed" link of your adult Plectra Amagnae and post it in the competition thread: https://magistream.com/24-competition-e ... hread.html

You can only participate with one Amagnae. This means you need to aim either for the biggest brightness value or the lowest value. You cannot participate in both categories.

During the competition you can edit your post as many times as you like, so if you get a better Amagnae than your previous one, feel free to edit your post. Once the competition time is over, posts with modified time after that will be disqualified.


Magi Harvest Feast competition
The second one of our competitions is a baking/cooking competition.
Create a magi worthy meal, take a picture of it and have the chance to win!
Bonus points if you can tuck in some of the many creatures of Magistream!

The Magi Harvest Feast competition will run from November 28th up to and including December 10th, EST.

1st prize: A pair of December 5 shard Donation Pets
2nd prize: A pair of December 3 shard Donation Pets
3rd prize: A pair of November 2 shard Donation Pets
4th prize: A pair of December 2 shard Donation Pets

To participate in the competition:
  • Please post your entry as a new thread in the Competitions Entries forum: https://magistream.com/24-competition-entries.html
  • Include the following in your post:
    • An image of your Harvest Fest meal/dish/baked goods/etc. The image has to contain a note with your username and the year 2019. Notes added with image editing software aren't allowed and will be disqualified
    • A short description of what we're looking at including any mentions of the elements that tie it to Magistream's world.

For questions and comments about the event and competitions use the Community Discussion thread: https://magistream.com/8-community-discussion.html
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