March competition - Whodunit? - Results!

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March competition - Whodunit? - Results!

Postby Rosehill » March 31st, 2019, 2:56:50 pm

The mystery of what happened to Alethin has been going on wild circles and speculation has run rampant. While no-one is still quite sure what actually happened, who did what and what it all means, the most prevalent theories have now been selected.

The winners of the March competition are as follows!

1st place (March 5 shard Donation Pet):
Tyriagris A Loyal Customer

2nd place (March 3 shard Donation Pet):
Zanthor The Raza Mishap
lolacharm Sneaky

3rd place (March 2 shard Donation Pet):
MothballMilkshake Honour Amongst Thieves
fierfly567 A Ballad of Clues

Honorable mentions:

Congratulations to all winners!

  • All winners and honorable mention winners will also receive an Emerald Wyvern as a mystery prize.
  • Everyone who participated with a qualifying entry will also receive a Ruby Wyvern as a participation prize.
  • Prizes will be handed out during today and tomorrow, April 1st.

All prizes have been handed out!
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