March competition - Whodunit?

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March competition - Whodunit?

Postby Rosehill » February 26th, 2019, 9:27:07 am

You are heading towards the shops near the Keep when a small movement in a nearby alley catches your eye. You glance around to see if anyone else noticed but the road is empty. You think you hear a small whisper coming from the alley and with another furtive glance around you head in.

The alley is towered by nearby buildings and you are surprised how quickly it gets really dark in it. Ahead you see a flicker of light and decide to follow it.

You bump around a corner and are momentarily blinded by a sudden bright flash from a lantern. As quickly as it appeared it's gone however, and the only thing left in its place is a note firmly nailed to the wall of the nearest building.

"If you are a worthwhile customer my previous messages should have reached you, and you already know what is going on, but in case this is not so, let me bring you up to date.

Someone, somewhere, found out my route and set me up. I have reached out to my friends and enemies looking for information on who it might have been and how they managed to do this. As I have previously provided you with wares you would not have been able to acquire otherwise, I'm now calling in that favour and require you to assist me in figuring things out. I will reward generously anyone who has any leads on the matter.


As soon as you've read the note it starts to smoke and soon vanishes up in flames, leaving only a charred shape resembling a snake on the wood underneath it.


Competition rules:

  • Come up with a story of who set Alethin up, how, and why, and how Alethin managed to escape. Post your story in the Competition Entries forum.
  • The competition starts now. You need to submit your story latest by March 17th 11:59 PM EDT.
  • There is no minimum or maximum word or character limit.
  • During the competition there may be additional hints and clues appearing on the site. You are free to incorporate these clues into your story. It is not necessary, however, and you are also free to completely ignore them. Do take into consideration the credibility of the source of the hints.
  • There will be three prizes: The winner will get a March 5-shard donation pet. The second place will get a March 3-shard Donation pet. The third place will get a March 2-shard Donation Pet. All winners will also receive a mystery prize, and rumour is that all participants will also get something.
  • Members of Magistream Staff are not eligible to win any prizes but are free to participate with their story.
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