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Site downtime

PostPosted: July 20th, 2016, 2:24:37 pm
by Rosehill
The site experienced some technical difficulties early this morning (EDT) and again a couple hours ago.

The issue required me to get access to the backend stuff of Magistream, which I was able to do only just now, to properly fix what was causing the error messages. Earlier today there was a temporary fix which didn't quite hold until I was able to sink my hands into the deep end, hence the couple hour black out just now.

In any case, everything's now been taken care of and everything is again working as it should. Should you encounter any funny business, nevertheless, please report it in the Report site errors here thread. A known issues is that some threads may show old replies as unread, so just visit the last post of those threads or click the "Mark as read" link to make the false unread markers disappear.

As a reminder: in case the site is down we will post status updates both on Magistream Twitter, and Magistream Facebook page, so you can check those to see if we're already aware of the problem and what's our estimate on how long it will take for us to fix it. ^_^