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Postby MakuroMythos » July 17th, 2021, 10:21:29 pm

On one chilled Autumn-eve did I
Amble down the garden's path,
And on my trip, I saw a girl
Whose long brown hair
Flowed free off her cloak of black.

She, opposing me, drew near,
And I, I will admit, bewildered was
To note, that from her wind-blown locks
Horns and ears, elegant, alike
That which I'd never seen, did appear.

An unusual sight, indeed, it was,
That supposed I did that I'd misstepped,
Unto a faerie-path, by mishap.
Still she walked, nay, glided forth
And would soon pass with one further step.

And knowing I, that fae rudeness loathe
Sought quickly for some favor,
Which, upon my gifting her,
Would turn her mood to mercy,
That I might leave, safely, with much fervor.

Naught but verdure swept past my eyes
And so I bent and plucked from rest
A single rose, to match her clothes
And held it from my chest and
Prayed it fit her interest.

Her dainty feet came to pause, a sight delay.
The rose was taken, inspected close,
Then at her temple did it nest.
So adorned, she nodded then
And gently swept away.
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